International Directory of Art Consultants

Marie Kazalia
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The purpose of the International Directory of Art Consultants artist resource e-list is to provide contact information for artists to make submissions of their art to art consultants.

Art consultants are fine art professionals who are liaisons with corporate executives. Art Consultants work with hospitality industry executives (hospitality: restaurants, spas, hotels, cruise ship lines ), and are health care art curators for hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, senior housing, and smaller business offices. Art consultants work with residential art sales via Interior Designers, art buyers, and some art dealers. Art consultants work with public art project administrators, including government offices that handle public art projects. They works with architectural firms that buy or commission art. Interior designers and architects or architectural firms have their own corporate clients, hospitality industry clients, commercial, residential, and health care clients. Some art gallerists and art dealers are also art consultants. Some fine art publishing companies have their own programs for providing art to corporations, hospitality and health care art programs. Some interior designers put art into corporate lobbies and office spaces. Anyone who puts fine art into spaces and work with artists directly qualifies as an art consultant for the purposes of this e-list.

Artist Agents and Artist Representatives are also included on this e-list, as are foundations that work with artists. We've also added resource listings for non-profit organizations, and performance related resources for performance artists and a section of Art Collector sites and Online Art Auction sites that allow artists free access to sell or auction their art to art collectors.

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International Directory of Art Consultants

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