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In this 800+ page e-list you will find over 10,000+ art galleries across the USA and around the world Internationally-- listed under headings for each USA state and internationally under each country heading. Every gallery listed contains one or more clickable links to the gallery website and additional project spaces, plus such information as physical address, mailing address, email contact, and the gallery submission guidelines!

Created with the artist in mind, we include alternative exhibition space, artist-run art galleries and co-op galleries--and so that you are able to quickly identify current opportunities to submit your art--we've used red highlighted text to indicate galleries that have open calls for submissions, ongoing calls, rolling acceptance of artist submissions, art galleries that currently accept artist submissions, and galleries that accept artist exhibition proposals or have ongoing open submission policies.

As we continually review each gallery in this e-list, we've noted a new trend for more fluid art submission policies being adopted by art galleries. That is, rather than post an annual call for submissions, galleries are beginning to accept artist submissions year-round.

New galleries open all the time, and we endeavor to continually add them--as other galleries move, and expand into multiple locations we track their growth and add their expanded details here. Some galleries close temporarily and we are always happy when they do reopen--as we endeavor to keep track of their status. When a gallery does close permanently, their websites often remain active and are great resource for research. When a gallery site does go down, we mark it Domain for sale, so that artists may purchase one or more to take advantage of established art buying traffic.

Universities have art galleries that accept exhibition proposals and you will find the details, application process and submission guidelines in this e-list for university and colleges across the USA as well as internationally.

Once you purchase this e-list, you will continue to receive the revised and updated versions sent to you via email periodically.

Completely and 100% reviewed, revised, expanded and updated November & December 2016, withand January 2017 with regular ongoing monthly reviews and updating as needed.


This resource e-list provides you with easy access to art gallery links, submission guidelines, and contact details which will save you hundreds of hours otherwise spent searching for galleries to review. Instead, with this extensive e-list you invest your time in reviewing art galleries and quickly identifying galleries that could be a good fit for your work and submitting your art!

On this resources list for artists you will find galleries in Brooklyn and New York City, galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, and all other major US cities and their outlying regions. Internationally, this list contains many links to art galleries in London, UK, Paris and Berlin, Germany art galleries and galleries in other major European cities. 

Links to galleries in other countries on this list include Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands, South Africa, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE--Dubai and many others. In Asia-- Thailand, Singapore,Taiwan, S. Korea, China art galleries for of the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei. Singapore has many gallery listings. Many artists wanting to get into a gallery in Tokyo, Japan will find extensive gallery listings for Japan. Also Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean island countries, and countries in Africa and South America, as well as other countries. 

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